MVF Brand Refresh: Infusing Culture into Innovation

Upon joining MVF, we recognised the brand’s effectiveness but sensed an opportunity to weave the company’s vibrant internal culture into its branding.

As the Creative Lead for this transformative project, our primary objective was to preserve MVF’s cutting-edge technological identity while infusing a more relatable and human touch. Our strategy centered on showcasing diversity, striking a balance between MVF’s high-tech prowess, and nurturing the inclusive, trusting culture within the organization. Collaborating with stakeholders across Europe and the US—spanning Sales to the People team, including C-level executives—we united diverse perspectives under the shared ethos of MVF.

Our dynamic creative team navigated several critical phases in this comprehensive refresh:

1- Research and Discovery
2- Brand Essence and Messaging
3- Visual Identity Evolution
4- Progressive Logo Design
5- Imagery and Graphics: Illustrations, Photography, Motion
6- Digital Transformation: A new website
7- Seamless Launch and Rollout
8- Continuous Engagement

The outcome? A game-changer. The MVF brand refresh stands as a testament to success. Not only did it breathe new life into the brand, but it also catapulted traffic to the company’s revamped website, establishing a powerful international presence. The impact? Tangible. Our B2B marketing campaigns soared, creating unparalleled brand awareness, consistency, and driving significant client conversions. This multifaceted effort culminated in a refreshed brand that not only resonates internally but also champions MVF’s story to the world.

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