MVF Brand Refresh

When I joined MVF, the brand was effective but there was already a strong sense of wanting to embed more of the internal Culture of the company in the branding.
For this brand refresh project, our goal was to maintain the brand’s cutting-edge technological identity while infusing it with a more approachable and human touch.
Our strategy was to focus on our diversity and strike a balance between the high tech that MVF represents and the working culture it cultivates, which fosters trust, inclusion, and connection with MVFers, customers, and clients alike. I was the Creative Lead for this project that involved many stakeholders who, despite their unique POVs, still shared the MVF culture, from Sales to the People team, including C-level – across Europe and the US.

Our mighty creative team worked on various stages of the branding refresh which included the steps below:

1. Research and Discovery
2. Brand Essence and Messaging
3. Visual Identity refresh
4. Logo Evolution
5. Imagery and Graphics such as illustration, photography, motion
6. Digital Experience – a new website
7. Launch and Rollout
8. Ongoing Engagement

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