EcoExperts Branded Iconography

EcoExperts required a comprehensive rebrand to reflect their modern and forward-thinking ethos. This project exemplified the collaborative essence of rebranding efforts.

As the leading designer, Daniel Driesen, steered the creative direction, I collaborated closely with him and our colleagues in UI, UX, and Development to evolve the brand’s new iconography.

Icons are far more than mere quaint illustrations; they serve as a potent tool for:

  • Communication: Enhancing accessibility and democratising information by simplifying text and directing users to pertinent details.
  • Brand Recognition: Skillfully crafted icons embody and amplify a brand’s identity.
  • Versatility: In designing icons, I consider their potential applicability across various contexts. Initially envisaged for the Homepage, these icons seamlessly integrate into marketing materials, social media, and video content.

The rebrand significantly boosted brand recognition and online engagement from the outset.

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