Solar panels and Account Based Marketing

These ads were conceived as part of MVF’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives, renowned for their precision in B2B targeting. Before brainstorming and crafting the advertisements, we conducted extensive research on decision-makers. It’s essential to note that the ads, while prominent, constitute just a fraction of our comprehensive strategy. Our initiatives encompassed a spectrum of tailored outputs, spanning from email banners to illustrated biscuits, ensuring a cohesive and impactful approach.

In this sample, I show a few ads I created to attract the attention of a well-known brand, specifically their Solar panels and EV charging branch. These were just a small part of a larger orchestrated campaign, showcasing not only the effectiveness of MVF’s brand refresh but also the uniformity it brought to our B2B advertisements.


Creative Direction: Joana Carvalhinho and Maya Picoli

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