CIB at a Glance BNP Paribas

I led the refurbishment of BNP Paribas’ ‘CIB At A Glance‘ pages—an endeavor aimed at redefining the brand’s visibility and impact.

Our mission was clear: to reimagine the bank’s most visited pages, infusing them with a renewed visual appeal, interactive elements, and strategic clarity. With an emphasis on enhancing user experience and showcasing the bank’s Corporate and Institutional Banking facets succinctly, our approach melded creativity with precision.

The project encompassed a comprehensive refurbishment:

1- Redesigning Visual Elements
2- Enhancing User Experience and Navigation
3- Reinforcing Brand Messaging
4- Augmenting Data Visualization for Clearer Insights

This effort culminated in an immersive and informative experience that not only elevated the visibility of BNP Paribas’ Corporate and Institutional Banking but also ensured a seamless interaction for its audience.


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